Tuesday, May 7, 2013

You need companionship

The Mechanic (2011)
I recall this being a reasonably big release and had fully intended to see this one in the theater, but like so many other Statham movies, I managed to get distracted by something shiny and miss it.  Doesn't help matters much that his movies tend to only last 3-4 weeks in wide release, which is a pretty small window if you're not pumped up to see one opening weekend.  All in all a pretty serviceable action thriller albeit a little short on actual plot and writing and some of those other nuances that most films try to include.  Just enough touch of emotion to not be totally flat, but without tipping over into melodrama. 

Very nice to see Statham back in a role where he's uber-competent and it was a blast to kick back and just watch him do this thing.  They set him up very well from the opening and although there's very little depth to this character, I'm starting to prefer that in my favorite Statham roles.  The opening gambit is very reminiscent of The Transporter and great to establish the character without a bunch of exposition or people talking about how great he is.  Particularly liked the teaching angle for Statham and would love to see more of that in a future role.  He plays the part quite well and it gives some good comedy relief and badassery to have him show a noob how it's done.

Nice touch having Sutherland in the movie and bonus points for bumping him off pretty early.  They actually caught me off guard with that and was a good scene and handled very well.  While Sutherland's Angst-Ridden Black Sheep Son wasn't really the most compelling character, there was at least some good underlying tension throughout the movie while you're wondering when he's going to figure out who killed his dad.  The postscript comes a little out of left field, but I have to say I really liked it and sat there with a big silly grin on my face.  Always nice when a movie leaves you on a positive note, so well played on that count anyway.

Badassery Quotient - 10
Pretty much everything you'd ask for other than perhaps missing some good driving sequences.  Great physicality, lots and lots of menacing looks, and that over-arching sense of Statham doing exactly what he does best.  Plenty of awesome gun and knife play and all around fun.  Definitely his best role outside of Frank Martin or Handsome Rob and I really like him in this sort of role better than the tongue-in-cheek Expendables-type roles.

Rewatchability - Sure
I don't need to see it on heavy rotation or anything, but that was a very enjoyable film and one I'd feel very comfortable sharing with any Statham fan.  Granted, I'm probably the only self-declared Statham fan who hadn't already seen this, but still...  Better late than never.  Good stuff.

Up next - Blitz.  Not sure what to make of this.  Appears to be a UK-only release, but hey it's free on Netflix instant play, so I'll at least get my money's worth. 

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